Analytical research and expert opinion

By increasing the research, expert, analytical potential in the IT field, we are strengthening the expert representation in specialized international organizations. Through the efforts of the team and partners of the Center, we stimulate network cooperation, create partnerships in the IT field at the national and international levels.

Improving Data Management Models. Stimulating the exchange of data between the public sector and key market participants

The analytical review contains information about the main approaches to data management at the junction of interests (interaction) between the state and large market players, including the regulation of the circulation of various types of restricted data, the main trends and strategies for the development of the data market of foreign countries, a general analysis of approaches to data market development; as well as recommendations for government agencies, industry organizations and businesses.


Overview of the world experience in the sphere of global digital platforms activity regulation in national jurisdictions

In April 2021, the Analytics Unit of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation has prepared the Overview of the International Experience in the Field of Regulation of Global Digital Platforms in National Jurisdictions. Partners of the Center within this project have been NEO Center Consulting and international consulting company Frost & Sullivan.