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By increasing the research, expert, analytical potential in the IT field, we are strengthening the expert representation in specialized international organizations. Through the efforts of the team and partners of the Center, we stimulate network cooperation, create partnerships in the IT field at the national and international levels.

Expert opinion on the challenges Russian IT companies are facing abroad

Director of the Center for Global IT-Cooperation Vadim Glushchenko has spoken on the challenges Russian IT companies are facing abroad and the opportunities provided for those who opted against relocation.


Digital industry under attack. What effect may anti-Russian sanctions have on the Western IT manufacturers?

The experiments in expulsion of Russia from the global economy that started after the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine have recently taken the form of hysteria and been considered by many international experts an attempt to destroy this very economy. In their opinion, the Western sanctions imposed on Russia can backfire on the sanctions’ instigators.


IT career trends. Reality and prospects

There has been a lot of talk about increased attention to IT workers as well as support measures for IT workforce and companies engaged in domestic technological development. However, the truth is that this trend started during the 2020–2021 pandemic. At the time, companies were cutting costs, moving employees to remote work or looking for alternative ways to optimize business processes.


On human capacity building measures designed by the U.S. to support domestic semiconductor manufacturing

In February 2022, the U.S. Center for Security and Emerging Technology undertook an analytical study of issues related to the use of high-skilled foreign semiconductor workforce. Today, the Center for Global IT-Cooperation provides a summary of the analysis and measures taken by the U.S. to train professionals in microelectronics.


State support for the IT sector: tax audit exemption, tax breaks, credit incentives and other measures

In Russia, special emphasis is placed on promoting the IT industry. IT companies are given unprecedented incentives. For instance, in 2021, the new rules reduced corporate profits tax for Russian electronic hardware developers from 20 % to 3 %, and social security contribution, from 14 % to 7.6 %.


An honest look at relocation. The importance of making conscious decisions

Facing panic and instability at home, many IT professionals are now deciding to leave the country. We hear the word “relocation” during kitchen conversations and Zoom meetings over and over again. People are actively engaging in online discussions on moving to Armenia, Turkey, or Azerbaijan as the most affordable options. Georgia, UN member states and CIS countries are considered possible but problematic places to move to. Are these options good? Should we really make impulsive decisions?


Growth points of electronic document flow in 2022 were discussed at a round table at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Within the framework of the All-Russian Tax Forum, under the auspices of the Working Group of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on electronic document management, a round table was held “Vaccination of business by digitalization: the main points of growth of electronic document management in 2022”.


IT-sector is invited to cooperate

In Russia, from 2022, the law on the “landing” of foreign IT companies comes into force. The package of measures envisaged by the document is intended to create conditions for dialogue and dispute resolution between the state and transnational companies. According to a review by the Competence Center for Global-IT Cooperation, such regulation is a global trend, the purpose of which is to preserve the digital sovereignty of countries.