Neznamov Andrey
Neznamov Andrey
AI Regulation Center PJSC Sberbank, Managing Director
Russian Federation
Russian, English

Managing Director of the AI ​​Regulation Center, Sberbank PJSC. Andrey supervises issues of regulation of artificial intelligence technologies, driverless vehicles, big data circulation.

Chairman of the Interstate Working Group on Global Consultations of the Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence of the Council of Europe. Member of the Council for Youth Affairs in the Scientific and Educational Spheres under The Presidential Council for Science and Education.

Juris Doctor, Senior Researcher at the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Winner of the management competition "Leaders of Russia: Science" 2020.

Topics of speeches
  • Author and editor of a number of monographs, including:
  • "World experience in regulating robotics and artificial intelligence technologies" M., 2018.
  • "Legal aspects of the development of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies" M., 2018.
  • "Fundamentals of state policy in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence technologies", Moscow, 2019.
  • Has more than 70 scientific publications.